Industry is the engine of our country’s development, and certainly the key to create genuine employment. From this perspective, we consider that we must strengthen efforts that encourage quality industry where design has an essential role. In this line, the work of the National Design Plan consolidated, and the Design and Productive Innovation Management Office was created. This Office is born to extend the scope of the area, generate further institutional relations and establish a federal action.  


At the National Design Plan we do not take design as a tool but as an element inherent to industrial processes. It is not a condiment, an accessory, but a need of any industrial strategy. This takes us to foster policies that favor the professionalization of design in companies, and commits us to accompany them closely for their proper implementation.


We seek a cultural change, and thus we acknowledge different levels for the incorporation of design: from the more tactical ones, such as the design of a part, to the more strategic ones, such as SMEs’ internalization of the adequate methodologies to face new challenges related to their competitiveness.


When design is solid in the company and the company implements its strategies incorporating the discipline, immediate cultural, organizational and communicational changes are evidenced. And as a consequence, also changes in cost reduction, making the most of raw materials, environmental impact reduction, opening of new markets, brand identity values recognition and invoicing improvements.


Design for production, design for innovation, design for productive transformation.